How To Easily Convert PDF Files To Editable Word Documents

PDF converter is a great application that can be used by everyone on the facebook and with this PDF Converter, you can safely extract the content from your PDF files without leaving Facebook.No need to install any software or application on your computer just use app on facebook.Some of the features of PDF converter app is its 100% free,safe to use and accurate conversion results.This application automatically deletes the uploaded PDF files and converted word documents after 24 hours of your conversion.This Free PDF Converter Facebook Application was developed by the Able2Extract PDF Converter Team.

Simple steps to convert your PDF files to Word Document Quickly

Step 1: To use this service you must have a facebook account.Login to your facebook account on another tab.

Step 2: Go to this link and click on “Try it Now” button.

Step 3: Now click on “Click here to start converting PDF to Word” button.

Step 4: Then a Request for Permission page opens up,click on allow button.

Step 5: Click on Browse button,Then a window opens up select the file which you want to convert to editable word document and wait for the file to get uploaded.

Steps 6: After uploading,Now just wait for few seconds for conversion of your document automatically.

Step 7:Finally,your document is converted and is ready for download.You can also share the document with your friends on facebook for them to download by just clicking the share button.

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