Types of Blogs That Make The Most Money

Blogging has bloomed to become an industry in its own right. As a matter of fact, blogosphere is the term used to describe the entire ‘world’ of blogs. What started out as a simple “weblog” has diversified into many genres and types of blogs. 

Today there are countless types of blogs out there; news blogs, personal blogs, entertainment blogs and corporate blogs are just some examples.

There are so many blogs out there that websites have started to track the popularity and traffic of certain blogs or blogging platforms. To this effect, sites like Technorati can state the most “linked-to blog” (actress Xu Jinglei’s blog in 2006) and “most-read group-written” blog (Boing Boing).

The most popular type of blog are personal blogs. These blogs are created by people who just want to share their interest and story to the rest of the world. There are over ten million personal blogs right now and growing more and more everyday. 

This type of blog are easily created, usually within minutes, and can be published live for everyone to view the same day.

Another popular type of blog are news blog. These blogs are aimed at bringing news to the reader. People love to read about current events and what is impacting their lives. News blog come in many different categories.

A few popular one are political news, entertainment news, sports news, and financial news. These blogs will have to be updated daily since news changes everyday. As matter of fact, every hour!

Given the wide readership and usage of blogs, it has also started to become a means of earning an income. However, many in the field note that establishing blog that reels in traffic takes months to develop and time and effort to maintain. Thus, in this way, blogging is akin to establishing a business.