PHP.NET– All information available on PHP scripting language looks cool on a white background and the colors match perfectly. As the index page opens we get a taste of all the palatable information that would be provided on the page and the pages that link to it. There is a plethora of information available on this website on what PHP is and how the other programs and languages are related to this scripting language.

You can get to learn from the online tutorials what this website deals with. You can click the links on information on downloads, documentation, faq, and also on reporting bugs and associated php sites.

You can also refer to

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Zend Technologies

and the links can be found on the website itself. You can also get to learn about the events from the associated groups. You can also get information on the different releases on this website.

php Homepage


There are a good lot of links that work well and download time for this website is also fast due to the good navigability feature.


The website serves all information on PHP. You can learn more about user conferences, and group events. You can also get to learn about the many things that help you to understand the program better. 

You would get a notification on calls for papers and also about the venues and information on upcoming conferences. The search function on this website is very pronounced and it brings up results of the search keywords appropriately. There are links providing lot of resources.


There are many websites that provide information on PHP but supplies you with resourceful information on various topics related to PHP scripting. This website is noted for its FAQ and updates on PHP which is the most widely administered scripting language.

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