SitePoint- Discover your site’s potential

The tagline of SitePoint is “New Articles, Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers”, and rightly so as the website exudes a fresh and professional ambiance the moment one reaches the home page. The site attempts to make the search for information extremely simple for any visitor.

Sitepoint Homepage

Sitepoint Design and Layout

The home page has a modern, disciplined, and uniform look that from the very first moment tells the visitor that the website means business. The white background, the black and navy blue fonts, the bold black and navy blue headings, and the relevant logos beside each topic make the website very attractive and impart effectiveness about it.

Key Features

SitePoint is known for features like videos, blogs, contests, articles, kits, and forums. The home page projects the best articles and blogs posted, in the “Editor’s Choice” section.

Blogs on current affairs and news are featured in the “News & Trends” portion. Articles and blogs that cover the subject of web designing are separately kept in a section titled “Design”. 

Materials posted recently in this section are projected in a separate sub-section titled “Recently in Design” that has links leading to the recent forums. “Tech” and “Business” are two other sections having contents related to the technology and business of websites, Stext legible and the menu buttons, text links, and sub-categories make the website extremely user-friendly and crisp.

SitePoint is a website for the present generation of no-nonsense web designers and developers who have time for only what they need.

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