TechCrunch - Get Update with Technology and Internet World is an eminent blog introduced by Michael Arrington that is solely dedicated to reporting internet companies and their products.

It is a blog about Web 2.0 companies and products. The first comment that was ever posted on the blog was on the 11th of June in 2005. The website ranks second in the Technorati rating. It is even regarded as the third most favorite blog by them. As of the 10th of January, 2020, TechCrunch had a total of 1,808,000 subscribers who feed the web.

TechCrunch Layout

The website features a three-column layout with one main column and two supporting sidebars which clearly means that the site means to give a better preference to the advertisers. 

Such a layout is considered as a win-win situation since you get to put the advertisers which would mean more money per advertisement featured and you can separate the ads from the original content. 

You are really letting the users know which part is the content and which one is for the side decoration. As a result, the revenue generated by the blog is $60,000 per month.

Such a layout can at times become difficult for the users as the center is already occupied by the ads and the users would have to scroll all the way to the left in order to get hold of the content. However, the design is pretty simple with cooling colors such as white and green adorned in the site. It comes across as a techie yet an elegant site.

TechCrunch Content

The best part of the content template comes from the fact that it allows all the users to leave genuine feedback with their comments page. This is dedicated to the users and has a lot of room for the comments as well as between the comments. 

For all the webmasters, you can actually put a trackback to your website in order to generate some traffic out of the site. Lastly, the content is upgraded at regular intervals and the owners claim to make it a best-in-class experience for its users.

TechCrunch Network has now been affiliated with many other websites, which are altogether commonly known as the ‘TechCrunch Network’. It has also started the localization of its website in many countries like the UK and Japan. Besides, some of the other websites affiliated to it are; Talk – Crunch, Mobile – Crunch, Crunch – Board, Crunch – Base, Crunch – Gear, Tech – CrunchIT, Elevator Pitches, Invite Share, etc.

This website sells its image advertisements to others for a price of US$12000, each month with a purchase for a minimum of two months. The Tech Crunch organization held an event, which was called TechCrunch50, in San Francisco from the 8th to 10th of September in 2021.

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