Wikio – The Great Meeting New Friends Online

As a start-up networking website, Wikio seems to be doing well. This looks like another social networking website with updates, videos, signups, the search field, and so on. The first version of Wikio looked much like Digg and an inspired one. 

Then they moved to mme tracking and also the collection of news. In the latest redesigned version of Wikio, there are a lot of features. There is the section on Shopping and that works well. 

The items are again divided into various categories and you can link to related news. The looks for the video section is similar to that of Diggs and there is one difference only in the Techmeme style. The videos are good.


The latest Wikio version is redesigned but there are a lot of features worth mentioning. The shopping section is called beta but it works really well. You will get two videos that are related and thirty-five articles related to the particular video in question. 

Customized pages can be created. There is a listing of 100 blogs. On Wikio live you can see the new articles and videos as they appear similar to what you can see on Digg Spy. There is really good stuff for the news junkies.


Wikio has a good number of links to the other pages but it has easy navigation all over. There is a strategic use of main headings, headlines, and positioning of the logo and taglines so that it is easy for all to look around the site and find out what’s what.  

As a social networking website, it should be newsy with news items and videos passed around and Wikio does the job with care and competence. The listings of the top products, the new products, and the hot products are very clear and link to the product pages. It is a very easy and navigable website.


Techmeme’s presentation can be better but Wikio is not bad at all. The news is relevant and fresh all around.

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