WordPress is one of the most loved content management system by any blogger. It’s an open source free web page, making it one of the most popular blogging systems.

WordPress has an amazing plugin feature, hosting more than 30,000+ plugins which are FREE of cost and can be tailored according to the user’s needs.

We know from an array of 30k+ plugins, you could be spoilt with choices. We have it all sorted for you.


Here are 15 killer ways you could nail an engaging blog:

For a user engagement driven blog

1. FlyZoo Live Support Chat

Engage your visitors with amazing, in-browser live support chats. Pick the best prospects with real-time visitor monitoring to increase sales and conversion rates! This is indeed the MUST HAVE PLUGIN.

2. WordPress Notification Bar

The use of this bar on the top section of your blog can be highly effective, encouraging more subscribers to your blog.

3. Tweeting is a click away

This plugin gives your readers a flexible option to share your best sound bites. Create shareable tweet worthy message that your readers can further reshare via tweets.

4. Related Posts

By adding a related post option, you are fairly increasing the users’ reading engagement. Related post also increases the clicks to your blog.

For A Socially floating blog

5. If it’s interesting, it has to be PINTERESTING

The PINTEREST HOVER PIN IT BUTTON plugin allows users to share their images on Pinterest via Pin it up option, choosing the category you wish to share it under.

6. Add Social Sharing ICONS by ADDtoANY

This plugin allows you to share buttons including the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and a plethora of social bookmarking websites, making the blog more socially engaging.

7. SumoMe

One of the best three-tier platforms that help promotes your blog. Users can share the text they highlight, images they like and even sign up for newsletters, in case they’re digging for more.

To enhance your blogs productivity

8. PhotoDropper Plugin

With bounties of free images and photos from within the WordPress arena, this plugin allows you to upload pictures on your blog, in a fraction of a second.

9. A Comprehensive Tree View

CMS Tree View plugin gives your blog a tree view look, solving your complex page management issues. The available options like dragging, editing and dropping content makes it an easier maneuver.

10. Editorial Calendar

Organization at its best, this plugin grabs your posts and drafts, arranging them in an organized calendar. The plugin makes it easier to drag and drop your stories/content, which are automatically updated.

11. Duplicate Post

This plugin helps you clone any webpage or post you like, keeping the format intact. All you need to do is fill it with your own unique content.

Securing your BLOG

12. Jetpack

One of the most popularly incredible plugins that has a bevy of tools like, contact form, and related posts which can be accessed by WordPress dashboard.

13. WordPress SEO (Yoast)

One of the most sought after plugins used massively, SEO (Yoast) has the ability to handle every element of SEO, making you focus on SEO driven keyword, in order to increase traffic on your blog.

14. Anti-Spam

We are often irritated with catches that ask us to prove that we’re human. This plugin helps you erode any anti-spam comments, making you blog a healthy page.

15. Google Analytics Dashboard

This amazing plugin gives you an insight about the number of visitors, tracking rate and bouncing rates for your WordPress page. Insert you tracking code on GA Google Analytics, and see how well your page is doing.

With the above plugins handy, you’re in for a roller-coaster blog.