Email marketing is an effective mode of communication that brings results and not to forget inexpensive way to get your brand noticed. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur it is essential that subscribers open your emails. If your audience is not opening your emails it is impossible for them to take actions such as clicking through your website as well as making purchase.

But how will you succeed in letting them opening your emails on regular basis? There are 4 primary ways: Make them smarter, solve their problems, entertain them or save their money.


Here are those amazing email crafting tips that are result oriented:

Make them smarter

“Always be learning” the motto has embraced by many email marketers and the reason they have successful campaign is because of the same. To hone skills, we read newsletters, news, trade publications, or take courses. The majority of the email marketers exploit this desire by becoming smarter by sending them emails that just promise that.

Solve the problem

If the sender sets the expectations up front and promised that every email would lead you closer to solving that problem, won’t you open those emails? You would right? It’s better to explain with an example – a professional news website that lets people to share what they are reading for work. This will help readers to look forward for the newsletter and emails from the website. Whatever information that website releases through emails gets opened and receives good response. This makes the website receive higher email open rate than average.

What is says that you need to know what clicks your audience. What are they looking for when they are searching certain products and services, what are their tastes and how they gauge their purchase?

Entertain them

Some email marketers agrees that including entertainment component really works in favor. The emails that have entertainment component certainly have higher sales and readership ratio when compared to others. Try to keep your content in light, joyful mode than serious ones also have few images or can put up a video that relates your products/services. This will engage the customer gain wider base.

Save money

If have come across daily deals emails – Groupon does it on frequent basis. Your email should convey a particular message that helps customer saves money which will definitely click into sales. For the business to consumers services put save, sales, free shipping, in the subject line to attract the consumers. Have some promotional offers, discounted deals in your emails while sending this to consumers which will enhance their shopping experience plus you build a great network of loyal audience for your products/services.

It is possible to craft an email that both entertains and saves subscriber’s money and this smart technique help you achieve desire results. Take a close look to your email, now you know where you have missed your point. With the above mentioned simple tips you are sure going to have a rocking email marketing campaign.