5 Step Formula To Get Anything You Want

Yes, you can have what ever you want when you decide to implement the 5 Step Formula To Get Anything You Want in your life and in your business.  The bulk of these concepts come from Joe Vitale’s Attraction Factor.  

The 5 steps where recently shared by Super Affiliate Greg Davis from Elite Clicks Media.

Greg began by sharing a startling statistic that each of us has heard and experienced a hundred times and yet it is shocking when you really think about it and that is the 3% of the people in the world control 97% of the wealth of the world.  In other words, 97% of the world’s population works for 3% of the people that walk this earth.  What is one of the foundational reasons that this phenomenon.

Let’s use a real world study performed at Harvard University in the 1970′s to answer the question.  200 Graduates of Harvard University participated in a 20 year study where after each participant was surveyed, it was determined that 3% of the participants made more than 97% of their colleagues combined. 

Wow!  As they continued to process the data collected from the interviews it was clear that the only significant difference between the two group was that the 3% diligently and continuously wrote down their goals.  In other words, they were goal setters and goal hitters where the 97% did not.

So as that as a backdrop, let’s get to the 5 step formula to get anything you want.

Step 1. Write down what you want.  Define exactly what you want.  Be as specific as possible.  You see writing your goals down gives them power and it sets your intent firmly.  Be sure to make them stretchingly realistic as apposed to pipe dreams.

Step 2. Write down what you do not want.  Define exactly what you do not want in your life.  You see, the power of the universe will give you exactly what you ask for.  Therefore, eliminate the stuff that you do not want in your life and in your business.

Step 3. Get clear.  There is immense power when you get clear on exactly what you want.  Now is anyone saying that this is easy? No.  When you consider the alternative, which is to a charter member of the 97% club, you need to go and get clarity into your life and business.  Eliminate obstacles.  Eliminate road blocks.  Have no reservations.  Make sure that your mind, body and spirit are in tune with your goals.

Step 4. Feel it.  Internalize your goals. Write out a script.  Visualize it and put yourself there as if you have what you want.  Repeat this process twice daily.  Feel how it will feel to already have what you want.  Deeply.

Step 5. Let is go.  Yes you read right, let it go.  Do not become and stay fixated on the outcome.  Focus on the things that you can control.  Take action, massive action.  Be in the now as the past is in the past and the future is yet to come.  As you are in the now, listen out for the still small voice and do what it tells you to do.

Do not be scared of success and do not be scared of failure.  As a matter of fact, fail as fast as you can as you will arrive at success much quicker.  Do what ever you have to do to make it happen and probably the most important that will propel you to achieving your goals is to have a big WHY, a compelling reason that drives you to massive success.

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