6 Apps for Building Killer Facebook Page.

If yes then your search ends here. Below I shared 6 cool Facebook fan page apps that help you to create a killer Facebook fan page.

01. Static FBML

The list of killer Facebook apps starts with Static FBML app. FBML is html version of Facebook that we used to create some sweet Facebook pages that made us say “Oh! My Gosh.. What is this?”.

Normally static FBML allows Facebook page administrator to create some custom tabs on their Facebook page. That we can use to do any customizations or add any functionality to our page. The Static FBML Facebook app is one of most used Facebook page apps that commonly used by every Facebook page owner.

So if you want to see the Static FBML Facebook Page App in action then you must visit To All this Facebook pages : SeoMoz (http://www.facebook.com/SEOmoz) ,  CopyBlogger (http://www.facebook.com/CopybloggerMedia) , ProBlogger (http://www.facebook.com/problogger)…

There are lots of pages that uses Static FBML app to create stunning Facebook pages in my bucket. I can’t share all the pages with you so I only share my most favorite ones.

 02. LinkedIn :

Since we all are already using our Facebook page for promoting our self’s and as well as our business. So taking it to another high is our first priority that we must have to do so our fans are easily able to interact with us socially on LinkedIn.  We all know that 1 is always better then 2 , so why not we merge our both business LinkedIn profile and business Facebook page to get maximum exposure and clients.

Yaa we can so it in few simple steps.  All you have to do is just install the LinkedIn apps for Facebook pages, and using LinkedIn app is very easy that a 7 year old child can handle it very easily, so you don’t have to worry about how to use it or you are not going to need hire any tutor for this. All you have to do is just play with LinkedIn app for little time.


 03. SlideShare :

Are you expert or create some well crafted Presentation for your business and want to show it on your Facebook page. If yes! Then don’t worry all you have to do is just install the Slide share app for Facebook pages, then you done.

Slide share Facebook app will directly import your all presentation from your slide share account, not only that it also integrated with LinkedIn slide share app if you upload any presentation on LinkedIn it will also get featured on your Facebook page. Really very cool app for every Facebook page owner with some cool features.


04. Twitter For Page :

Build a bridge between your Facebook page and your twitter account by using this cool Twitter for pages app created by involver.  Twitter for pages is really nice app for showcasing your twitter tweets so all your Facebook page fans able to know about what you are twitting on twitter. Just add twitter for pages (http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=53267368995 )on your Facebook page and you done.

05. Poll For Facebook Pages :

A fun and very easy way to grab some fans and fan engagement is by using Facebook poll app. You able to easily create and customize any poll for your Facebook page not only that you also able send updates to your fans about your polls.

We all know the one of common way that every Facebook page owner uses to grow their conversations tree is by using polls. So make sure you also take advantage of it. All you to do is just install Poll app for Facebook page and you done.


06. Skype ME :

If you are big fan of real time conversation then Skype me Facebook app is made only for you. This app put a tab on your personal page that allows people to easily connect to you. So talk with your friends, fans or start a conference do what you want to do. But after installing the Skype Me Facebook page app.


Summary :

In short this post is about 6 most import Facebook apps for pages that helps you and me to create a killer Facebook apps. So make sure you have below 5 apps to your Facebook page :

1-      Static FBML : helps to create a small website inside your Facebook page.

2-      LinkedIn : Helps to build a bridge between linked profile and Facebook page.

3-      Slide Share : Showcase your presentation on your Facebook page.

4-      Twitter for page : Showcase what your tweeting on twitter.

5-      Poll for pages : Helps to create and manage polls.

6-      Skypeme : have a real time conversation.

So that all I’ve to say in this post now it’s your turn to spread it. And also shares your valuable thought about this post in below comment section.