7 Writing Tips To Improve Your Writings Drastically

Some says that writing is tough task to do? While others say writing is easy game to play, if we get proper guidance.

Those who say writing is tough task to do are wrong (According to me). Writing is easiest thing which a kid can do it, or in real kids are doing it. I know some kid writers, who are good at writing and write better words then me.

So those who says, that writing is tough are those who don’t have a real passion for writing. Writing is like a game, which sometime gets a little bit difficult to play, and sometime it gets easier. 

When your game gets little bit difficult, your coach jumps in and shares some effective ideas, tips to make things easier again. Same goes for writing, when writing gets difficult, there are lots of tips out there in writing arena, which you can use freely to make your writing easier again.

So never every think that you can’t write effectively. If you know how to hold a pencil to write, and have some passion for writing, then you can write much better content then you think. All you need is some tips that help you to write in more effective manner, and today I’m sharing some tips with you, that will help you to improve your writing. But never ever lose your passion for writing.

One line that I would like to tell you about, passion for writing:

Be still when you have nothing to write; when genuine passion moves you, write what you’ve got to write, and write it hot. 

Be Clear

You’ve heard this one a million times. The more clearly you write the more readers you will get.

Clearly written words reflect reader’s interest, while complex and unclearly written words are just going to confuse them.

Writing clearly is only way to get more readers, if you can’t write clearly, then you’ve lost your readers. Write your content in simplest and clear manner, so that you don’t have to waste your words in explaining what you’ve just written.

So be clear.

 Be Specific

Specifically written words make reading more enjoyable and understandable. The more specific you write, the more readers will enjoy reading your words, and very easily they will get converted into your subscribers, customers, fans and keep coming back for more doses. Or even you will get bunch of social media shares. If you want to see what I’m talking about then, please

 Read this 2 sentence:

  1. I’ve lots of interesting books in my bookshelf.
  2. I’ve 69 interesting books in my bookshelf, including 31 days of better blogging, Google+ for dummies, Guest blogging guide and how to succeed as writer.

Frankly, say which one is more interesting, and will make you to see my bookshelf.

 Stick With 2S (Simple & Short)

Don’t try to sound smart by using big and complex words, when small and simple words will work well. You readers will hate you, if you just keep using complex words. When small and easy to understand words works like charm and also sounds good, then why you run for complex and long words, which doesn’t make sense.

Your readers will not have dictionary in their hand, while reading your words, so it’s better to avoid uses of long and complex words. I personally hate writers, who use words like “currently” instead of “now”, “utilize” instead of “use”.

Not only length of your words counts, your line and paragraphs length also.

The longer lines you write, the lesser your readers will show their interest in reading it. And also longer lines and paragraphs are harder to read and understand. So go for short.

 Take Care Of Commas & Periods

Just pay a little bit attention to use of commas and periods, because these 2 marks maintain the exact flow of your thoughts.

If you don’t use these 2 marks clearly, then they can make your words confusing, even if you wrote all those words clearly. So just play very carefully with these 2 marks, because they hold the power of make or break your words.

 Don’t Repeat Yourself

People don’t like to read same thing again and again, so make sure you also avoid writing same words again and again, because if you don’t, then your readers will lose their interest from reading your blog.

And I’m sure you don’t want to lose your readers. So then stop repeating yourself, say something once and forget about it.

 Have Some Rest

Once you completed your writing, then keep it aside and forget about it for some time. Have some rest, enjoy yourself, make your mind fresh and then come back to your writing.

Read it one more time, Scan it, edit it to make more perfect.  A small rest will help you to make your words more perfect and astonishing. So have some rest writers.

 Write Everyday

Writing is like a skill. The more you practice it, the better you gets in it.

Every good writer reads and writes every day, to make their words more perfect. So you also follow their footprint to make your writing more perfect.