Faith & Focus – How Bad Do You Want Success?

We are blessed to be in an industry where there are so many ways to make money and yet with that as a reality, the chances of you succeeding are not very good.  I am not one to sugar coat or blow smoke as that will only insure your failure.  I prefer to share the two most important “F” words that if you choose to apply them, will change your life and practically insure your success in what ever area you go after.

As we discuss the 2 key “F” words to your success, my underlying assumption is that I am talking to action takers and not duds.  So let’s begin.  The first “F” word that is foundational to your success is faith.  Faith in your creator, faith in yourself and faith in what you are doing.  Faith is the most important ingredient in your success.

I will go so far as to say that it is impossible to fail if you are empowered by faith.  Look at your life or any successful person that you know or have heard of and you will see that their faith, their ability to believe in what they where doing was the source of their success.

So today, right here, right now, you need to take inventory of you, your goals and your dreams and make sure that you have faith in your plan and in all of the components that lead you to success.

Now let’s get to focus.  Focus in our industry is one of the most challenging things that you can struggle with.  There are so many courses, tools, secrets, strategies and systems, a good amount of which work, that there is a tendency to start one, buy another and another and another and completely lose you focus, direction and ultimately fail.

If you forget everything on this post, remember this point.  All of the Gurus have a sales funnel.  As you join different leader’s lists  you become part of that sales funnel.  Most of the Gurus are good guys and gals that have no idea where you are in your Internet or Network Marketing career or what you need or are missing to be successful.  

Therefore, it is your responsibility to pick one are of Internet or Network Marketing that resonates and leverages your core skills and master it, master it and master it.

In other words, you FOCUS on that one are without reaching for or going after any other brand new shiny object, course, strategy or system.  Allow yourself the time to became a Ninja in that one area that you have selected to master and you will experience success and be able to share your winning ways with others.

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