Here is a Method That is Helping Bloggers Write Better Guest Post.

I’m thrilled to be telling you some simple rules that you can follow to write better guest post and also for achieve maximum guest post approval rate.

Because right now, Almost every blogger in blogosphere is using guest post for building traffic and credibility for their blog as well as for their self. But there is small problems not every guest post that you submit on other blogs get approved.

Do you know why? Because there is some empty space in your guest post that can be filled by you. Like you forget to include images in your guest post, or forget to include some well written quotes and sayings in your guest post.

So I rounded up few suggestions below that will help you to write an astonishing guest post that has highest rate of approval.

Guest Post Headline :

The title of your guest post is one of most important aspect that helps you to get your guest post approved by blogger. Your must consider your blog post headline is like gift wrapping if it’s good and attractive then your gift is defiantly going to open even if gift that is inside is not so much valuable.

So make sure you should brainstorm your head to come up with a headline that grab readers attention and descriptive enough to give a clear vision about what they are going to get after reading your blog post.

“First Impression is Last Impression “

Do you heard above saying before. If yes, then good because it helps you to encourage you to write more attractive and descriptive headlines for your blog post. Because your blogs post headline helps you to create first impression of your post so make sure your first impression is good enough.

Guest Post Intro Paragraph :

Do you know the hardest part of writing guest post, is just getting started.  I often strike my head to my desk to come up with some words to write intro Para for my guest post.  But what I just write some words and delete it, I do this the whole day and finally I’ve nothing to start with. So it’s better to craft your starting paragraph in very good way so a person who reads it wants to move on and complete it.

Content :

The whole content of your guest post is responsible for the rejection. So make sure you read your content 2 or 3 times before submitting it. Because it will help you find some punctuation errors or as well as helps you to see that you don’t ride on too much off topic.

Quotes And Saying :

Quotes and sayings help you to tell the whole story in just few words and also complete your blog post. So make sure you include some quotes in your blog post or guest post.

Images :

Having images in blog post is very necessary because it helps us to catch the visitor’s eyes and if your image is conceptual then the viewer is defiantly going to read your article to know why you used this image. Lots of successful blogger are already using this tactic to grab more readers so why you stay out of the line you should also give a try to it.

Fill Your Author Box :

Whenever you submit you’re well written guest post to any blog make sure you fill the author box with genuine details because it helps blog owner to know more about you. Who are you, and how much talent you have? So finally the blog owner is able to make a correct decision.

Attach A Note Or P.M :

Attach a note or P.M (Private Massage) for blogger by saying you’re free to modify and make some necessary changes if it’s needed in my guest post.

Don’t Break The Rules :

Make sure you take a sneak peek of Guest blogging guidelines page before submitting your guest post to any blog. Because no one likes that there self made rule are broken by someone. So follow the rules made by blogger to get your guest post published.

Summary :

The main purpose behind writing this post is to give you some suggestion that help you to write better guest post to achieve maximum approval rate.

Headline : Keep It attractive and Descriptive.

Intro Para : Craft your guest post intro Para very carefully so that it helps you to keep user engage with your guest post.

  1. Content :  Read it before submitting to know that you don’t ride to much on off topics.
  2. Quotes & Saying : Include quotes and sayings to tell big stories in few words.
  3. Images : Add conceptual image to your guest post.
  4. Author Box :  Fill the author box With Your genuine details.
  5. Attach P.M : Make sure you attach A Personal Massage for Blogger.
  6. Don’t Break Rule :  Follow the rules. Don’t Broke it…

I rest my case. Now it’s your turn share your valuable opinion about this post in below comment section.