How To get Google Adsense Approval Fast than Ever

The fond of getting Google Adsense account approved is surfing in the brain of almost all the bloggers who really want to make some decent income from their blog. Each and every bloggers rush to Google Adsense as it is the only genuine and high revenue sharing publisher network. 

One more major advantage in using adsense ads is their flexibility of showing ads which are very relevant to the web page it is being displayed and thus getting more number of clicks. I can prefer adsense as one of the major standard service of Google which is quiet difficult to get in while all other services by Google takes just one step of signup process to start using it. Am i right??. But however we bloggers are born to succeed in online world and Google may not know that we never give up. . :)


Thus i am writing this post to guide you bloggers on how to get adsense approval in 3 different ways quiet easily than compared to the direct process of getting adsense approval. 

Didn't you received rejection letter from their team before??, yeah that is why you are on this research for getting it approved. Is your blog still not 6 months old?. Don't worry, why not give a try using other best ways!. So its not the time to wait!!, lets proceed with alternative steps to get it approved.

3 Quick ways To get Genuine Google Adsense approval fast

#1.  IndyaRocks

image credit: indyarocks

You may have heard about the adsense partner site like Indyarocks which is one of the social networking site today. You can easily signup and apply to adsense account Via Indyarocks which shares 100% revenue with you. 

Once your account is approved, you can place ads on your blog too but make your blog adhere with Google Adsense TOS before placing the ads to avoid your account from being banned. Indyarocks requires few simple criterias to be qualified before applying for adsense.

  • Your profile must be 60%-80% complete.
  • Your Indyarocks blog must have at-least 2-3 articles which are not copied.
  • You must upload at-least 10 photos to your profile.
  • You must upload a profile picture.

Once you qualify all these, you can apply for Adsense Via Indyarocks

#2.  Bukisa

image credit: bukisa

Bukisa is similar to that of Indyarocks. But the major thing to be noticed is, Bukisa shares only 60% of your adsense income. Getting adsense via Bukisa is also a quiet easy job. All you must do is, write some 5-7  good articles and keep your profile at-least 50% complete and apply for adsense. Make sure you write articles on your own without copying from others. You can however copy from some ebooks and paste in your articles.

#3.  Docstoc

image credit: docstoc

Docstoc works very similar to above two sites. this site allows you to apply for adsense in their partnership and you get only 50% income out of your adsense income and the rest of  revenue goes to the docstoc site. 

You can easily upload some documents or write some articles and apply for adsense. Make sure to write at-least 4-5 documents for more chances of getting approved.

I can say that you can surely get an genuine adsense account using any of these sites. Good luck.