SEO Optimization Handed To You On A Google Platter

If you have a website, blog or are looking to build one, Google can hand your online site the SEO optimization that they are looking for.  You may be asking, how is that possible or why would they do that?  They are doing that because they like you and want you to succeed in your online business.  

Seriously, earlier this week, Keith Baxter, Joey Smith and John Shugart launched a sensational course and live event called The Epic Traffic System. Most of the Guru’s will talk about seo keyword density, seo meta keywords and seo optimized wordpress themes. The Epic Traffic System trio went in a totally different direction.

As part of the FREE pre-launch training Keith Baxter revealed a very simple strategy for how Google will hand your business the structure and topics for you to build an SEO optimized blog or website.  Last month I wrote several posts that lay out the basics for this simple yet powerful tool, Wonder Wheel Google’s New Keyword Tool and Keyword Grouping Exemplified.

If you were not able to catch the FREE Pre-Launch training from SEO Legend, Keith Baxter, the answer and tool is the Google Wonder Wheel and I will share below how Google will hand you and your business an SEO optimized blog or website by simply selected a seed keyword.

A seed keyword is your main keyword and you want to type that into the Google Search Bar. Let’s say that our seed keyword is “Weight Loss Tips”. Once Google reveals the results, go to the left hand side bar, under “All Results” and look for the “Wonder Wheel” tool.

Click on the hyperlink and you will something similar too,

Google considers all of the keywords that surround, “Weight Loss Tips” to be highly relevant and hence we want to use this first level of keywords as the categories for your blog or website.

Next, you want to go to each first level keyword, click on it and generate a second level of relevant keywords. They will look something like this,

Every well designed SEO website or blog needs content and you want to use every relevant level two keyword as the title of your articles.

Finally, you want to expand each of the level two keywords to level three and use those relevant keywords as synonyms in the body of each of your articles. So there you have it, a kick butt, SEO optimized blog or website that you did not have to pay a consultant a grand for, that you designed in about five minutes thanks to Keith and oh yes, Google’s Wonder Wheel. 

To learn the latest proven strategies in Social Media, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization visit, Epic Traffic System and learn from millionaire experts, Keith Baxter, Joey Smith and John Shugart launched a sensational course and live event called The Epic Traffic System.