The Benefits of Link Building

Link building is a major part of any SEO conversation. Link building puts you in search engines, if your websites want to rank well in search engines with top 10 targeted keywords that you are using so that we can get more traffic, then your websites must have some links with targeted keywords which link to your websites.

Apart from that, links also can build a high page rank. For example, if you have many links pointing to your websites from other unique websites, most probably if your content is quality, then you have a high chance to get a good page rank.

If you have many links from trusted sources, normally users will follow the links and found your websites. I can say that links are one of the most important factors in generating site traffic, SER trust, and more.

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Anchor Texts Determine Your Site Position in Google Too / Text Link Optimization

As we know, anchor text is the visible hyperlinked text on the page. For example, “Pro Graphics is a great blog that provides much useful information about traffic building, blogging, make money, WordPress and etc.”

Here, the word Pro Graphics is hyperlinked to the hidden URL The word “Pro Graphics” within the hyperlink is called anchor text.

If you have a site or blog related to make money online and you want your site or blog to be positioned in Google high ranking with the keyword “make money online”, then you need to have many internal or external anchor texts for the text link optimization.

There are several ways that you can try to optimize your anchor text, you can exchange links with other related sites and making use of proper anchor text on inbound links. Besides that, you also can submit your website to free or paid directories to get quality incoming links.

If you have free time, then you can participate in forums or blogs by leaving keyword-rich links, but don’t try to spam their forums or blogs because everyone hates spam. Apart from that, article submission also great for text link optimization.