#Hashtags are very much in. They are seen everywhere these days from Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest to Instagram and probably several other sites using hashtags to create instant connections with other users. Hashtags are used to find particular words, and that is why you are seeing several many posts now a day using #hashtags to get maximum exposure on the web.


It is really handy skill to learn, as these days social media becomes a primary way to communicate.

How to use Hashtags

With the help of Hashtags, it will be easier to navigate. They are the most important and efficient ways of organizing information on Twitter. Anybody can make use of hashtag anytime, simply by typing the phrase of the form #topic in the tweet.

Be specific using Hashtags

The more specific you become with your hashtag, the more targeted your audience becomes. And targeted audience means better engagement. If your business doesn’t have its own hashtag, find one or two that really fits the profile.

Cater hashtags to the social network

The hashtags on all social media platforms have the same purpose of content tagging and discovery, the use of hashtag varies by the network. For example, Instagram hashtags are more focused on the description of the photo and the tools used to take it than on the broader story or theme whereas hashtags on Twitter are more focused on the conversation or people or group that you would like to engage.

Come up with relevant hashtags

Make sense! Hashtags doesn’t have to mention your brand name, but it should represent your brand and what your company stands for. This way the company will create a growing movement that offers great fan followers on various social media platforms.

Don’t have too long hashtags

Generally speaking, if you are creating a hashtag try to keep it short. Hashtags are supposed to make things easier to find and engaging with, and complicated, long hashtags can be actually more arduous.

Lots of hashtags are not good

Social media marketers often uses excessive amount of hashtags which actually doesn’t work in the favor it is used. Never use 5 hashtags in one single post. Even if you are gaining more followers, which could be often attracting wrong kind of followers – those who are just interested to be followed back. Focus on being specific which will definitely give you results.

Don’t hashtags each and everything

Agreed, that hashtags make your content discoverable to the wider audience. The real truth is not everything that is hash tagged will be going to produce the results. Using hashtags will let you to make an impression on a wider social media audience.

Make sure you are sharing the best content, and correct hashtags that are certain to give your results.

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