It’s a verified fact that images can convey a better message than routine, boring text. We are living into high-end digital marketing trend hence it is no surprise if you find something out of the box every few days. It is important for any digital marketer to keep on experimenting new things that ensures positive results.


Images are the best way to convey the message to your audience especially if you are starting a new business. Brand strategies are the foremost thing to consider when you want to expose your business to the maximum, and what could be the better way than using emojis in your next brand strategy.

Emojis have taken the marketing world by tide. Now that array of brands using it to communicate with their audiences on social media and other social platforms, it is seamlessly penetrating into customer’s everyday conversation by using the language they speak.

Emojis are fun to be with as they are great to express various emotions. Using them, you can easily connect for your next branding as they express thousands of emotions in a funny way. They have become so main-stream that brands are now looking for ways to make them more personalized, by carrying their own brand stamps. This demand has spawned various segments that create personalized, branded emojis, stickers and GIFs for brands.

Recently, the huge brands have jumped on the emoji bandwagon and have pulled some of the most successful campaigns with it. Practically speaking there are none who can resist emojis, and they can be fun to use. 

In this tough business competition, when surviving and keeping the pace is the point, it is important to keep up the pace and it seems as of now emojis are very much in vogue. It is important that you understand the language of your audiences and know what attracts them. So much meaning can be communicated with single emoji and brands are tapping the emojis to share the message of seeing the world with curiosity and openness. 

With no emotions and just plain text…it makes the entire thing boring, emojis can get across that human aspects of communication so well. They are doing what the tone of the voice did on the telephone and what gestures, facial expressions and tones did the interpersonal communication. It gives a meaning to your marketing strategy that was missing in writing for the past years.

The global messaging market is massive and growing. People are shifting their preference from Twitter and Facebook as they are more personalized real time communication on messaging applications available. It’s just that every brand should have a strategy for reaching consumers in this channel.