IRDA FULL FORM is the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority. it is a government authority that regulates and develops the insurance industry in India. It has headquarters in Hyderabad. After knowing the IRDA full form, it is time to get knowledge about the function of IRDA in India. IRDA FULL FORM What does IRDA mean?  If you are confused about the full form of IrDA or the meaning of IrDA. Irda means the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority that has many functions like conduct irda exam, settle the dispute of insurance company, etc. following are some function of irda : Conduct agent Irda exam: IRDA is an agency that has the responsibility to conduct exams for insurance agents all over India.  The person who wants to be an insurance agent can apply by irda website which is     Protect the interest of the policyholders The main function of IRDA is to protect the interest of policyholders. Apart from that, it is also responsible for settlement in any kind of case
Full Form of COMPUTER: Derived from Latin word “computus” and “computare” which, in English, means “to compute” i.e., to determine by mathematical means. Image of a Modern Computer- Full Form of Computer However, over time people have formed different abbreviations/full form of the computer on their own, based upon the works/tasks that can be achieved using a computer, one such example is: Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research . However, keep in mind that no such full form of computer is marked, official. A computer is basically a general-purpose hardware device/ machine which can be programmed to carry out arithmetic and logical computations automatically. Earlier computers were mechanical, though faster than the normal human speed they were not as efficient as the modern computers which are based on IC (Integrated Circuits) and also occupied much larger spaces(usually they require a complete room for one computer) and had high cooling requ
In the Blog Arena, most of the traffic comes from sharing your blog’s posts to the social media/social networking sites likes Facebook , Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, and many more. Millions and billions of people stay up to date and joined to these social media sites to increase their Business. People communicate and connect with each other via groups, pages, etc to maximize their business marketing or simply you can say to maximize the traffic to their blogs/websites. Social Media is the best Marketing program/system for online and even offline businesses. This system really improves your business. All you have to just is to understand it carefully and giving proper facilities to your supporters i.e. proper maintenance of your audience. You have to justify and clarify your updates regularly to your visitors from time to time as a timetable. Now, let's move on to our main topic. 6 Most Effective Tips to Boost Up Your Business Through Social Media Websites Recognizing the Followers Y
Mistakes play a brilliant role in the path of success. As the old philosophy says that Mistakes are the milestones to success, these lines have an impact on blogging platforms too. Suppose if you want to execute a C program on your PC, first, you will find the errors in your program and then fix them, and thus leads to a successful output.  In the same way, there are nearly 20 common mistakes that every blogger do and to achieve success, it is necessary to know these mistakes and avoid them. In my older posts, I have given tutorials on the basic SEO strategies for newbie bloggers and how to kick-start a new blog. I have a lot of thoughts to speak out but I am not getting enough time to post them due to my exams. So while starting the pro series of SEO strategies, I am writing this post in order to make you understand the common mistakes in the blogging world and then plan about the pro SEO strategies you should adopt for promoting your blog high. So let me start with the mistakes first
Are you board of seeing those silly window xp graphics? Yes! If you asked me. I’m too board of those normal window xp graphics. Now I want to experience something new and more entertaining than window xp. So I started doing some research on internet and also by asking some of my PC geeks friends I’m able to come up with some cool window xp brico packs that you can install in your Window xp to get a whole new flashy look. And also finally you able to get rid of those silly window xp graphics. So below I rounded up all the brico packs that I discovered on internet with the help of my some pc geeks friends for you with download link. Crystal Clear Xp The list of brico packs starts with crystal clear xp. Crystal clear xp is my second most favorite brico packs because it gives a whole new look to our old window xp graphics and turn them into flashy kind of thing that look so attractive and engaging that you feel very hard to tack off your eyes from your computer screen. Crystal clear xp pac
If yes then your search ends here. Below I shared 6 cool Facebook fan page apps that help you to create a killer Facebook fan page. 01. Static FBML The list of killer Facebook apps starts with Static FBML app. FBML is html version of Facebook that we used to create some sweet Facebook pages that made us say “Oh! My Gosh.. What is this?”. Normally static FBML allows Facebook page administrator to create some custom tabs on their Facebook page. That we can use to do any customizations or add any functionality to our page. The Static FBML Facebook app is one of most used Facebook page apps that commonly used by every Facebook page owner. So if you want to see the Static FBML Facebook Page App in action then you must visit To All this Facebook pages : SeoMoz ( ,  CopyBlogger ( , ProBlogger (… There are lots of pages that uses Static FBML app to create stunning Facebook pages in my buc
WordPress is one of the most loved content management system by any blogger. It’s an open source free web page, making it one of the most popular blogging systems. WordPress has an amazing plugin feature, hosting more than 30,000+ plugins which are FREE of cost and can be tailored according to the user’s needs. We know from an array of 30k+ plugins, you could be spoilt with choices. We have it all sorted for you. Here are 15 killer ways you could nail an engaging blog: For a user engagement driven blog 1. FlyZoo Live Support Chat Engage your visitors with amazing, in-browser live support chats. Pick the best prospects with real-time visitor monitoring to increase sales and conversion rates! This is indeed the MUST HAVE PLUGIN. 2. WordPress Notification Bar The use of this bar on the top section of your blog can be highly effective, encouraging more subscribers to your blog. 3. Tweeting is a click away This plugin gives your readers a flexible option to share your best sound bites. Crea